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Second edition, September 2016 | ISBN: 978-90-824902-0-6

Autors: Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, Cécile van Oppen and Nancy Bocken

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First published by Circular Collaboration, January 2016

Editors: Chris Bernasco en Lucy Goodchild-van Hilten

Design and printing: Ecodrukkers


This publication is printed on PaperWise. Inspired by nature, where waste does not exist, PaperWise yields a new generation of paper and cardboard made from agricultural waste, the stems and leaves left over from the harvest. PaperWise gives agricultural waste a 2nd life. The environmental impact is 47% less compared to FSC paper and wood fibers and 29% less compared to recycled paper. In the production of this publication organic inks were used and it was printed without harmful solvents. Ecoprinting® is climate neutral.

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