Christiaan Kraaijenhagen

Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, MSc is an Innovation Strategist at Innoboost. He was Executive Director (a.i.) of the Circle Economy, worked for Royal Philips in different Business, Marketing, Strategy, R&D, Manufacturing and Supply roles. During that period, Christiaan was (co-)leading two ventures and followed executive education programs at Insead and Stanford. After his master studies Industrial Engineering and Management Science, he worked as a Management Consultant at Berenschot, held management positions within Tata Steel and worked as a Strategy Consultant at Boer & Croon. Christiaan finished a postgraduate study in Change Management. He does social and sustainable voluntary work for schools, universities and local communities.

C├ęcile van Oppen

Cécile van Oppen, BA, MSc is a Sustainability Professional who is constantly seeking for ways to create breakthrough innovations through collaborative (business) models. It is her conviction that sustainability is more than a technical exercise, more boldly said: collaboration and financial innovation are almost prerequisites to unlock technical innovation. Cécile has been active in driving breakthrough innovations in the field of sustainability for ten years. She is co-founder of Amsterdam-based consulting firm Copper8 that specialises in collaboration for the Circular Economy. She holds a Master’s in Development Studies from the London School of Economics, and previously completed a double Bachelor at La Salle University (Philadelphia, USA). She has since completed an executive program at London Business School as well as the Creative Leadership Program at THNK.

Nancy Bocken

Nancy Bocken, PhD is an Associate Professor at TU Delft, Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). She holds a PhD from the University for Cambridge, Department of Engineering, funded by Unilever, and an MSc in International Business (Maastricht School of Business and Economics), and conducted a master’s programme in economics and management at the Sorbonne, Paris. In the past, she worked for DHL, Accenture and ING. She is co-founder of the company Reduse and regularly advises businesses through her work in the field of sustainability.